Europa League/ Yuri Maksimov is a "racist"!
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dorian bylykbashiMetalurg Donetsk coach, Yuri Maximov, has a previously untold story of the four Albanian players, Dorian Bylykbashi, Isli Hidi, Ervin Bulku and Ansi Agolli.

“Maximov “hated” all of us, all  4 Albanians on the team” said Bylykbashi the captain of Krivbas when Maximov took over as a coach during 2009-10 season. “He showd his racism against us as he got rid of us one by one. He let Bulku go first in a month, then Hidi and myself in less then 3 months and before we knew Agolli got the axe as well. All four of us were kicked out of the team in less then 4-5 months” said Bylykbashi for the Albanian paper Panorama Sport

Bylykbashi was not the only player saying that about Maximov. Also, another Albanian national team player, Ansi Agolli expressed the same opinion about Maximov and his racism views against Albanians.

“When Maximov came to Krivbas, he literally said: ‘I will respect you guys like my boys because I played myself out of Ukraine and I know how you feel away from home’. However, after this promise he did completely the opposite, going to the extreme. At that time we were all four Albanians playing with the national team, but the coach did not even want to know. He benched all of us and he Never gave us an explanations. OK, can not have a plan for one or two players and this is probably normal, but not for all four. It was clear that he was racist towards us. His actions were not normal. Bylykbashi and Bulku were the best players at Krivbas, but he didn’t care”, said Ansi Agolli, another Albanian player who played for Metalurgh Donetsk

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